Get Tracking

How do you get tracking?

Buy a FLARM vario like an XC Tracer or a Skytraxx (FANET+ model)

Or install the XC Guide app on an Android phone, connect it to the Open Glider Network (OGN) and use it when you fly

Or install the SafeSky app on Android or iOS

Please be aware that the XC Guide mobile phone app will only make your track visible on OGN and will allow PG & HG alerts to see you, it will not give you FLARM collision avoidance. SafeSky aggregates tracking from many providers but may or may not be in the Cessna flying towards you...
Don't forget to register your FLARM device on the OGN database! Your name will appear in alerts as whatever you put in the 'Registration' box.

For lots more about tracking, try the presentation below:

PSC Club Night - Flarm, Flight Decks & Tracklogs

A Pennine Soaring Club presentation "Live Tracking, FLARM & Flight Deck Gadgets" that includes the PG & HG Alerts system