PG & HG Tracking Alerts

Alerts when it's flyable

Condition report chat groups are useful, but wouldn't it be great if your phone pinged automatically when local sites were flyable?

Alerts when somebody goes XC

You might be stuck at work, but an alert that somebody's just broken 100km and is still going lets you tune in and watch their flight.

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What do the alerts look like?

There are two types of alerts. You'll receive instant notification when the first pilots arrive at a site - whether they're flying or not - and then an hourly summary notification if anyone is present on a local hill.

Each message summarises how many gliders are flying, parawaiting, or have gone cross country, plus the current average and max glider altitudes for those flying on the hill (excluding pilots on XC and pilots on the ground).

If you want to receive alerts but not have your phone 'ping' when you can't actually go flying, simply join a group and then mute it.

How does this work?

PG & HG Alerts uses data from the Open Glider Network to generate text alerts when paragliders and hang gliders take off or are on XC flights from your local hills. You can use the Telegram groups to know when it might be flyable, or to tune into live tracking when somebody is on XC.